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Top benefits of using cannabis pain patch for fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain

Cannabis has been used as a multi-use homeopathic remedy for centuries. Over time, evidence suggests that the plant was an herbal remedy for psycho-neurological disorders, breast cancer, rheumatism, sexual disorders, and labor-related painful complications. Now, this old tool has a new and modern application. A cannabis patch is now available for patients with fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.
Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain
Fibromyalgia and diabetic Nerve pain have a couple of things in common. Both conditions involve unexplained pain, tingling, and can drastically reduce your quality of life.
Early research suggests that cannabis can have powerful therapeutic effects for both conditions, and this new pain patch offers a new approach to conditions that are incredibly difficult to treat.
While expensive cannabis pharmaceuticals are already available in some countries for the treatment of nerve disorders, most curious patients are stuck with topical creams and oral cannabis options, which can be a bit strong during the day.
Now, an innovative company, Cannabis Science, has launched a revolutionary new topical application of cannabis medicines.
Cannabis Science designs an infused pain patch
In November 2016, they announced their latest project, a transdermal patch that offers powerful medicine to fight pain through the skin and into the bloodstream.
How do cannabis pain patches work?
Transdermal patches are medicated adhesive patches designed to be placed on the skin in order to release small amounts of medication into the bloodstream over a longer period of time. Patches should be placed in a affected area of ​​skin for proper absorption and offer a different type of relief than topical creams. “Topical creams can typically be absorbed by the upper 1-3 layers of the skin and can offer pain relief locally, such as a shoulder or knee,” says Graham Sorkin of Mary’s – another company specializing in cannabis patches.”Transdermal patches differ from topical creams in that medicine passes through the epidermal 7 layers of skin and enters directly into the bloodstream.

Advantages of Using the Cannabis Pain Patch
People are usually familiar with patches and there are several advantages to using this method of delivery.
Patches allow absorption at a constant rate over a longer period of time, do not require a person to remember the dose at regular intervals and can even be used with a stomach upset.
An additional benefit to transdermal patches is accuracy in dosing. Unlike groceries, which must first be absorbed in the stomach, a patch delivers the medication directly into the bloodstream. Interestingly, Graham points out, “A 10-mg dose of a transdermal patch is about equivalent to what you would feel for a 80-mg serving of an edible. This is due to the high bioavailability with the patch, which enters the bloodstream. Which results in the absorption of 100% cannabinoids. “As absorption occurs constantly over a longer period of time,” We often hear from people who do not even notice the patch or a different feeling except when they realize there are An absence of pain.
Although the dosage is accurate with the patches, it is possible to increase the patch with a proportion of personalized and mixed cannabinoids. “People with migraines have indicated that using a transdermal gel rubbed directly on their temples has provided relief from pain,” says Graham.

These transdermal patches are not psychotropic. Non-psychotropic patches include CBD, CBN, THCa and its CBD: THC 1: 1 offering. “To date we have not heard from anyone that they have gotten too high or that the patch has even made them uncomfortable,” says Graham. “If you do not like the feeling you have of a patch, then you can remove it and the feeling will disappear very quickly.When you smoke too much cannabis, you may be stuck with an uncomfortable feeling.If a patch is removed, within ten minutes the amount Of cannabinoids in your system will be reduced. “

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