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Fibromyalgia: 3 implications for couples’ life

Fibromyalgia is a rather restrictive disease, which can lead to problems related to the life of a couple. How to combine fibromyalgia with a blossoming couple life? Come to discover three consequences of this disease on the life of couple.

Fibromyalgia and Pain

Diffuse pain caused by the disease can cause tension in the couple. People with this condition may feel fragile and easily feel impatience or irritability, which can affect their partner. If all this is not expressed calmly within the couple or is not understood, a depression may appear over time.

Fibromyalgia and withdrawal 
Fibromyalgia often causes fatigue and severe pain. This sometimes causes the person to withdraw into himself and spend less time with his partner. Strong and regular communication within the couple seems necessary so that both partners can understand each other and express themselves. 

Fibromyalgia and Sexuality 
Pains caused by illness can impair sexual desire and self-confidence. In addition, fibromyalgia can cause a fear of intimacy due to the new vision that the person has of his body. This is why it can be interesting to work on yourself in order to reappropriate your body, being accompanied by a sophrologist or a relaxologist for example. However, even if the disease has consequences for the life of a couple, it can also be a new starting point for developing a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship, provided that each partner is listening to the other.

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