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Pets: The Best Home Remedy for Back Pain

Back pain is always manageable, but it can cause anyone to feel like they’re stuck in the pain for the rest of their life. There is surgeries and treatments available to you from doctors and physicians in clinics around the country. But while you try so many treatments at pain clinics and go for over the counter pain relief solutions if you want to avoid taking opiates for your pain, the best home remedy is in the shape of a four legged-animal, your pet.

It is no wonder why pet owners are the least stressed. Sure the dog could leave a mess on the carpet, the cat may throw up every now and then on the new rug, but those are not the reason why some people suggest your four-legged friend may be the best remedy for back pain. In the past century, animal-assisted therapy has been increasing for back pain users. The studies from some of these therapies include lower risk of cardiovascular disease, comfort and lower levels of stress can be found inside the human body. The greatest thing about knowing why these animals are wonderful to have in your home, is because they know when you need comfort the most. Man of these therapies are tied to people going through nerve block treatments, surgery, or other forms of medicine to ease some of the pain that occurs in which animals are also included in the treatment. The results show that more people feel happier, content, at peace, and has more energy to get through their treatment.

But why does back pain and animals correlate so well? It’s probably because when we lie on our backs after having spinal surgery to correct a disc, ease the compression of the spinal column, or just when we want to sit down and ease our backs from standing on our feet for too long, the best benefit is when your animal curls up in your lap or lies next to you. When cats curl up in your lap, their purring has been shown to lower the stress levels in your body and help you cope with any back pain you may be suffering from. Many of the studies around cats and dogs show that there is some chemical release when we are near them. Especially when your cat purrs on top of you, there is a release of pleasure chemicals in the brain. This can often block the pain signals in your body and can close the gate on any other painful areas that might be speaking to you. Having your dog next you shows that he willing to do anything it takes to protect an injured animal. Plus, a little head rub every now and then between commercials makes your dog happy to know that you appreciate his comfort.

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, sciatica problems, or pain in your body in general, your pets are always there to make sure you know you are loved and they will never leave your side. If you doctor says to take some medicine or go through a special treatment to help alleviate some of the pain symptoms you may have had over your lifetime, always know you have some loving animals to come home to that bask in the shower of affection you give each time the front door opens. But if you don’t have a pet already and you suffer from chronic pain or any pain at all, your treatments and a future pet may be some of the best medicine you could ever ask for.

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