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5 Worst Breakfast For Fibromyalgia


5 Worst Breakfast For Fibromyalgia


Do you know that the food you have for breakfast can determine how much pain you are going to suffer for the rest of the day? The common breakfasts we eat everyday can cause pain episodes and worsen fibromyalgia…

Fibromyalgia is closely related to digestive ailments like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance etc. Most chronic pain patients also suffer from one or more of these disorders which can exacerbate pain in the stomach, abdomen, neck and head. The common breakfast meals we have contain substances that cause digestive reactions and can ignite fibromyalgia flares through the entire day.

Hence, here are the 5 worst American breakfast that every fibromyalgia patient should avoid…


Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich


Although thought to be good source of protein, peanut butter is high in oxlate, a natural compound found in plant-based food. Excessive consumption of oxlate is known to cause pain in the joints, bowels and female genitals. Oxlate reacts with calcium to form oxlate crystals which can cause pain during urination and excretion. Peanuts are also a common food allergen and a discreet inflammatory food which may not show significant symptoms. On the other hand, the bread contains gluten and yeast whilst the complementing jelly contains sugar and preservatives.


Big Breakfast


The big breakfast, whether it is purchased from Mcdonalds or homemade, is a dangerous meal to start your day with. It contains all the fibromyalgia taboos or pain triggering compounds – gluten and yeast in the muffins, inflammatory eggs with a dapple of lactose, excitotoxin MSG in the sausage and preservatives in the hashbrown. Gobbling down a comforting big breakfast may lift you up when eating but the later effect would cause you double the pain through the day or more!




A mixture of whole grains, oats, nuts and dried fruit sounds harmless and in fact healthy? But wait, I have not mentioned that it is coated in canola oil, butter and lots of sugar! A study has shown that a bowl of granola can contain more sugar than a can of coke. Sugar raises insulin level which can further heighten pain sensitivity thus causing more discomfort in fibromyalgia patients. Additionally, sugar also promotes growth of yeast which can lead to infections. Certain no-sugar products can contain Aspartame an excitotoxin which elevates the sensitivity to pain.


Bagel With Cream Cheese


Bagel, another kind of baked goods containing gluten and yeast. Gluten intolerance is a condition which many people have but are not aware of. This is especially the case for fibromyalgia patients. The reaction with gluten can cause gas, bloating, joint pain, irritability and fatigue etc. which can take effect shortly after consumption and can last for days. In addition to gluten, the cream cheese can also trigger the reaction of lactose in some.


Blueberry Pancakes


Lets remind ourselves what goes into a pancake batter: flour, eggs and sugar. For a chronic pain patient, this translate to gluten reaction, inflammation and yeast growth. Paired with a generous amount of syrup or honey, this meal again raises insulin and pain sensitivity along with it for the rest of the day. Not to mention, blueberry is another food/fruit that is high in oxlate.



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