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Fibromyalgia: Andullation therapy may help relieve pain

Many people suffer from a chronic condition associated with chronic pain. An example of this is chronic back pain. But question is when it is chronic?

The rule for this is that the pain that continues at least for 3 months with great regularity is chronic.

Pain in general, and, therefore, chronic pain, always has an underlying cause. Pain is just a basic reaction of the body to indicate that something is going on. As long as the underlying cause is not addressed, the pain and the associated symptoms will persist throughout life.
One of the possible solutions is andullation therapy; a little-known therapy, but with a lot of potential. This article  will elaborate on the andullation therapy itself and for whom this therapy would be most appropriate.

What is andullation therapy?

Treatment by means of andullation is applied with the aid of a special mattress, a mattress type massage. It is a treatment which is completely painless and is non-invasive. Later means that it is not a surgery with the help of injections or surgery. This massage therapy can help many conditions that are chronic in nature.
The underlying treatment is very simple: during the treatment, which may take about 30 minutes, the body is exposed to mechanical vibrations and infrared heat. The mechanical vibrations are converted by the body to biological resonances in the body.
This may sound a little scary, but in a large-scale survey in 2011 revealed that there never events were reported for the specific frequency of between 20 and 45 Hz.
This was evident from the data gathered and examined more than 100,000 European patients. From these data, it is also shown that the therapy does have a positive effect on chronic pain.
It appears that up to 80% of people who suffer from a chronic condition can be successfully treated by means of this new technique. This treatment will not result in the complete dissolution of the complaint, but will reduce the (pain) complaints that the impact on daily life to a tolerable level.
The andullation therapy can be used as an adjunct to a specialist. A daily treatment is within the capabilities, possibly with its own andullatiematras at your home.
For clarity, it is important to remember that andullation therapy will not remove the cause of the pain. Andullation therapy’ll help to suppress the pain. Andullation therapy will have to be a continuing and regular recurring treatment in order to effectively be able to continue to suppress the pain.

The operation of a closer look andullation therapy

A andullatiematras is, as the name already suggests, a mattress on which you can just lie horizontally. The mattress has two main functions: the massage itself by means of special vibrations, and the production of heat by means of infrared radiation.

The mechanical vibrations of the andullatiematras

The mattress produces vibrations, which naturally feels very pleasant, as a kind of massage. But these vibrations are much more than just a massage. You must know that our whole body is full of biological resonances. All of our cells and thus our whole body can not function without these vibrations.
Think for instance astronauts or professional divers. These stay very long time in a space where no gravity is present, and which has a negative effect on the biological resonances in the body. If these people do not receive additional incentives, some bodily functions and /or organs may be mired in their functioning.
The principle of the andullation therapy lies in the fact that these biological resonances are amplified by the mechanical vibrations that are produced by the mattress. The vibrations of the mattress can be generated by small engines that are incorporated in the mattress. These motors produce vibrations which are vertically transmitted through the mattress to the body.
Because the horizontal body lying on the mattress, the vibrations will distribute itself evenly over the body. If for example, you would lie which would only move horizontally on a plate, then this vibration will not distribute evenly, and, in particular, do not reach the head.
The fact that the mattress so produces vertical vibration, and transmits this to a horizontally lying body, it is therefore of great importance for the success of the therapy.

The infrared radiation from the Andullatiematras

To understand the action of infrared heat to the body, first a little biology lesson: Our body cells are called organelles that produce energy in a powerful way to optimally operate the cell. The medical name for these organelles: mitochondria.
At the moment that these mitochondria are not efficient to do their work, there are oxygen molecules created which can not only affect protein in the cell, but also be able to modify the DNA. In general, it is believed that this process is responsible for very many chronic diseases.
How this works is not clear, but it will be associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and especially degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
So far the biology lesson.
Whatever the cause, it is therefore important to ensure the optimum performance mitochondria to positively influence chronic diseases and even prevent necessary. Due to the science is widely believed that infrared light has a positive effect on the metabolism of the mitochondria.
Just for clarification: The medical application of infrared radiation is not new. Since the mid-twentieth century is already using this light source, for example edema, fight inflammation and pain. Also injury to the eyes treated with infrared.

The scope of andullation therapy

Since many bodily functions are dependent on the above-mentioned organic resonances, this therapy is very versatile.

Just a quick overview:

Andullation therapy and sports

In sport regularly for muscle injuries. Also, the acidification of strained muscles and muscles are in the sport on the order of the day. The mechanical vibrations generated by this kind of the andullation therapy can prevent injuries , and in addition, promote the recovery of the muscles.

Andullation therapy and neurological disorders

Many neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease can be positively influenced by the andullation therapy. The vibrations are the example made sensitive receptors in the skin, causing information on walking and balance better reach the brains.
Because of this stability is larger and can injuries from falls are avoided.

Andullation therapy and hormone production

This effect of andullation therapy on the body is very special. Because of the vibrations is stimulated, the production of testosterone and growth hormone in the body. The effects disappear or after stimulation has ceased, but will nevertheless still persist for some time.
Testosterone is very strongly associated with the production of bone cells, and thus has an effect on the density and the strength of the bones.

Andullation therapy and blood circulation

Due to the vibrations, the circulation of the blood more efficiently. The blood supply to the muscles, for example, much better, and the muscles are less likely to acidify.

Andullation therapy and muscle

The vibrations will increase the muscles in strength and mass. Of course it is never moving a replacement and sports, but it can be an important tool both for the elderly to regain back some muscle power as long as possible to stay mobile and keep the quality of life as long as possible at an acceptable level.
Andullation therapy and the joints
Especially old people are often the advice: Keep moving, because if you do not use your joints, they will deteriorate much faster. Eventually some functionality lost. Because of the vibrations remain the joints in motion and they will deteriorate much less rapidly. This makes older people remain mobile without training very much.
The andullation therapy is, especially for the elderly, very comfortable and pleasant.

Andullation therapy and osteoporosis

This therapy also has a very positive effect on osteoporosis. Obviously it will not cure, but it helps make it bearable pain.

Andullation therapy and chronic (lower) back pain

For more than 80% of patients with chronic low back pain can be helped with andullation therapy. Again, the problems will not be solved, but the pain is much more bearable, allowing you to move better. And by moving more gives a very positive effect on the pain itself.

Andullation therapy is certainly not a panacea, that’s obvious. But it is very promising with a wide range of applications.

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